Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Time 1-29-2013

It was my friends birthday yesterday, I missed it, so I went to her facebook page to wish her a belated birthday.  I was looking at the pictures of her daughter and thinking that, wow she is a young lady now.  Our kids were born just weeks apart and my son is a young man now as well.  I don't think that I look at my son and think that I am getting that much older, but when I see my friends children and how much they have changed I get a little misty eyed and begin to think about the time and how fast it has gone by.

The one thing that I can say to the younger generation is that you really should cherish every moment, it already flies by and you never know when it might be your time to go.  We are always in such a hurry for things to go by, or get here that we don't focus on those little things that really mean a lot.  Remember to smile at each other, say hello, even pay someone a compliment, and always tell your family how much you love them and how much they mean to you.
Make your life be something that other people would look at and say "I wish I was like her", be real!