Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Save Yourself 6-5-2013

Some things in life we have no control over, but it is the way you are going to accept them or dismiss them that will help you get through it.  I cannot control family, or friends, or outside influences, but I can have control over the way that I use that information or action that happened, and either learn from it or let it eat me alive.  I'm working on the part where I don't let it eat me alive.  I've realized that the stress on my body and brain are too much and I need to find a way to just let it go. 

So many things that we can do are therapeutic, like talking to someone, or going for a walk.  Buy yourself flowers, or that special item that you wanted.  Just don't sit at home and brood over it, the anger will eat you up.  This is so true especially for the younger people.  When you think that there is nobody to talk to in your own circle then walk outside of it.  Someone is there and someone cares, even if it is a complete stranger on the phone.

Save yourself because you are the most valuable commodity that you own.

P. Contreras