Monday, April 29, 2013

Oh Stop...never mind keep going 4-29-2013

Some times in life it takes someone else looking at you and telling you how wonderful you are, before you actually believe it.  I remember when I was in high school, I never dated.  I wondered sometimes why no one ever asked me out.  I wasn't popular, but I was involved.  Some people told me that I seemed like a bitch, but I was just very shy.  Getting to the point, I'm happily married to a man who I know adores me and I have two wonderful children.  But sometimes it is someone else looking in that makes you realize really how truly blessed you are.  And how much you have to offer to the world and how much you already have.  

I soon will be starting a whole new chapter of my life, one child graduating and going to college, the other right behind.  When other people look  at my children and tell me how much they admire us for raising them they way that we have, well I get a huge grin on my face.  I have succeeded in doing something very special, being a parent, and a pretty darn good parent at that.

Heck ya, it makes me feel like a million bucks when someone else is bragging about my children.  It is a direct reflection of who I would like to be if I could have raised myself.  Self assured, but with manners, smart and respectful, and hardworking.  I don't know what the future holds for my children, but I do know that I think that I have armed them well.   And as for me, well I'm feeling pretty good about myself these days. 


  1. Oh Paula, You are so Wonderful ! I can't imagine you having anything but great kids!! Just think...If you weren't such a "bitch" in High school, then you would have never had them!!! Hahahaha.......You know that I am just kidding on the B word...LOL :) I am glad that you ended up with an Awesome Husband that knows exactly how lucky he is... I am Thankful that the two of you have such amazing kids!! I can't wait to meet you and your Family! You're Beautiful People ! Love Ya! Happy Mother's Day Again!! (Every Day) :)