Thursday, March 21, 2013

Breathe 3-21-2013


So on turning 50, oh my goodness, just breathe.  It's done and over with and do I feel any different, well maybe a little.  Do I feel liberated, yes, I just turned 50, a major milestone and I made it through it.   I have the most wonderful family in the world, my husband and kids worked so hard to make sure everything at and around the house was beautiful, and it was.  My wonderful older sister came over and made sure everything was decorated to perfection, and it was.  My sister-in-law made me the most beautiful cake, and all the food and goodies were to die forl  What more could a woman ask for, well to be surrounded by almost every person that meant anything to her, and she was.  

What a wickedly magical evening I had hanging with family and friends having the best time I have had in a long time.  Some friends I keep in touch with, but don't see all that often, so wonderful to put my arms around them and hug them and then sit and talk and laugh our heads off. The food was plentiful, the wine flowed as did the conversation and memories of the past.   

If we don't have memories, what do we have, the wonderful life is made up of all those wonderful memories of your life.  Sit back, Breathe and relish those days of past, but don't forget to make new memories with all of those wonderful people who are still around.  50, whatever, bring it on, heck I'm planning my 100th birthday party right now.  Will you be there laughing with me about something we did next week, I hope so. 

P. Contreras


  1. We all had a great time!! Hope fifty is wearing you well the way beautiful Wisteria!!

    1. I am pretty happy. Where I want to be at this time. Thanks sis

  2. Wow on the Wisteria!! So weird, that I was thinking about exactly that today...hanging over fences and arbors!!
    Happy 50th Again... I believe I said "Welcome to Fifty" LOL ! I Love the way you write Paula! I can picture you with your family and friends, and the only thing missing was............ME!!! hahaha :) I will celebrate my 100th Birthday with You at your 100th Birhtday! Woohoo... I will need a handsome young driver to bring me there!! Lol....... I am so Happy that your Birthday was Special for such a Special Woman!! Loved this!! XOXO T*