Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Curve Ball 3-4-2013

The Curve Ball

There are times in life that things are just not going to go the way that we planned them, be it love, work or life in general.  This does not mean that you should just give up on everyone else.  There are still people out there that are worth getting up every day for. 

It hasn't been easy, there have been times when I seriously just wanted everything to be over, but I'm so thankful that I stuck it out and have been rewarded with a wonderful family and friends.  They are not all the friends that I have known since childhood, I have picked up many along my path and some I have lost on that same path.  But still everything changes and you never know what life will bring you next.

When you are down, look up and notice that the sun is still shining and that you can see your path.  Maybe not all the way down, but it is there.  Sometimes there will be a fork and you will have to choose, other times that path will stay straight for miles.  All the while be sure to stop and notice all the -good- around you.  It is so easy to get caught up in the bad.

Don't let the curve ball take you off course.  And don't let people that have nothing better to do, get you down.  And trust me there will be a few, a bad boyfriend, or girlfriend or friend in general.  Even family can lead you down the wrong path.  Be weary and be smart.  Know what you want out of life and go out and get it.  No one can make you happy except for you.  The choices you make dictate that.  And always remember to laugh, even at yourself.

I live my life in a realm between the real and my imagination.  It helps when life is really getting you down.
P. Contreras

I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living … that enables you to laugh at life's realities. ~ Dr. Seuss


  1. "I live my life in a realm between the real and my imagination. It helps when life is really getting you down." Oh, this is Genius Paula!! And, of course, I, as a fellow genius, totally concur!!! hee hee.... This is such a sound post! I KICK THE CURVE BALL PC!!! Laugh...Yes, that is what I choose to do, and I thank you , many times, for reminding me of that fact!! Loved this one as well !!! Shoot, I like everything that you write!! (((HUGS))) My Sweet Friend!!!

  2. Oh, I was enchanted by the sun shining above that there tree!!! Gorgeous shot, you know I love this!!!, Perfect !!!