Saturday, March 23, 2013

Regret 3-23-2013


I'm sitting in my office going over things at the end of a busy day.  My son has turned 18 and is having a few friends over to celebrate.  They are a good group of friends and I am so happy that he has them and proud of the people that he has picked to be his friends.  It warms my heart to here them in the next room talking and laughing, at one point I know they must be going through one of his old annuals, they are joking with each other about how they used to look and talking about what happened to this person or that.  

They are so young, and have so many dreams.  I wish I could tell each one of them to hold on tight and not to forget those dreams.  And really live your life before you decide to settle down and not to really ever settle for anything.  It is such a precious commodity, I hear them talking about a young girl who has committed suicide.  I never could and still never can understand a life that is so tormented that one would want to kill themselves, and trust me mine was not a pristine upbringing.  I hope that they all know how precious it is and no matter what that they live on because the best revenge is success.

I have no regrets for my life, such that it has been, because I have succeeded at something that is far greater than anything else in this world.  I have raised two beautiful well adjusted children who I believe will be an asset to this world.  And so the evening is winding down and my son and his friends are in the next room with a guitar, bongos and  a voice and singing and having a good time.

P. Contreras

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  1. (((Sob)))... So Happy for You Paula! What an awesome night that must have been! Hopefully they will all be back before another Birthday prompts it!! Sounded like an awesome time!! You did a Fine job with your young Man....... I am Proud of the Woman that you are, and the Awesome Kids that You are sharing with the world... Love the pictures of your Son... Those kind of things choke me up!! Love !!!!!
    Love Ya! T*